Holi Bucket & Stick Package

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A Mixed Colour 6 Pack of our famous 5kg Holi Powder Buckets & 6 x 200g Mixed Colour Holi Sticks! They are created by our partners Oh!FX in Europe from cornstarch and food dye. It is completely biodegradable, gluten free, flame proof and washable, though we recommend dusting off as much as possible while it is dry before washing. Great for parties or filling up squeeze bottles and bulk purposes.


The Ultimate Fun Holi Party Package!

6x 5kg Mixed Colour Holi Powder Box

6x 200g Mixed Colour Holi Powder Tube Sticks

Suitable for 10 people or more at your next colour run holi party



Our Holi Powder is made in Europe from cornstarch and certified human safe food dye so it is completely biodegradable, gluten free, washable, soluble & flame proof. We are the only Australian company offering European imported Holi Powder Cannons and Holi Powder Bags.


We can provide true, European safety lab reports of our Holi Powder for safety with human contact as well as being flame proof. That is what makes Oh!FX Holi Powder Cannons the only option, especially at our competitive rates. Want further information? Contact one of our FX specialists and we would love to chat further and in detail on holi powder.


Speak to one of our FX specialists via chat, email, phone or in person and we would be glad to assist. Our team have decades of experience in the Australian events industry and with our global supply network we sure have more resources & answers than any other company when it comes to holi powder & holi powder bags.

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