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80cm Custom Electric Confetti Cannon
40cm Custom Electric Confetti Cannon
Empty 80cm Electric Cannon
Oh!FX E-Shot Pro
Empty 40cm Electric Cannon
Oh!FX E-Shot 240Oh!FX E-Shot 240
Lucky Dip Electric Confetti Cannon 80cm
Lucky Dip Electric Confetti Cannon 40cm

Parents: We Have Lovely Baby Gender Reveal Ideas for Family and Friend Events

View our baby gender reveal ideas and paraphernalia for that big moment in your life. We love assisting parents and their friends who are entrusted with the secret until it is disclosed. Take a look at our fabulous products if you’re making the party arrangements.

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Make a Statement at Your Party with a Confetti Cannon

Whether it’s your wedding, birthday party, anniversary, or New Year’s celebration, a confetti cannon will add fun and flair to your festivities. Confetti adds extra ambience to any event making it more festive. The use of confetti dates back to the 1700s when people who immigrated to America by ship used to tear up old recipes and throw them overboard in celebration of no longer having to use what they referred to as “disgusting recipes”. During the 1800s in Milan, they used disks made from leftover silk as confetti in parades.

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