Gender Reveal Exploding Golf Balls

Colour: Blue
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Gender Reveal Exploding Plastic Golf Balls, High-quality Baby Shower Dual Packs Golf Balls for Boy or Girl Sex Reveal Party in Attractive colors – Pink & Blue

  • Innovative design and Made with high-quality material]

  • Gender Exploding Balls easy to use and safe]

  • An attractive set of Baby Shower Exploding Golf Balls

  • Provide perfect unique welcoming with realistic hardened structure

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Budget-friendly


Gender Reveal Exploding Plastic Colour Powder Golf Balls

The Exploding Plastic Golf Balls are a magnificent gender reveal party product, which is exclusively made for boy gender reveal (blue) and girl gender reveal (pink) program. You can get a non-toxic and environment-friendly exploding balls. The balls are packed with vibrant pink and blue colored powder which is safe for the whole family. The amazing balls explode with pink or blue Holi powder (color powder), which is Biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It is a perfect set for Baby shower celebration. You will love it for limitless fun and excitement in the party. This magical product can provide 100% satisfaction service for your friends and family.

Innovative design and Made with high-quality material

Great quality Gender Reveal Party golf balls, which are made with long-lasting plastic and packed with brightly colored powders; they offer a superior explosion. For that reason, there is no possibility to break the balls if dropped on soft clay or grass. You can be surprised when using these extraordinary exploding balls to celebrate your baby shower party.

Gender Exploding Balls easy to use and safe

The safely organized Gender Reveal exploding balls are covered in a convenient non-translucent paint. So, you are unable to see the colored powder when the balls are brought up to a light. You can get 100% non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly powder without any hassle. The powder is safe for the whole family as well.

Please note these are real golf balls and will shatter / break apart on impact, potentially leaving sharpened edged pieces around. Please always wear appropriate footwear and dispose of remains accordingly. 

An attractive set of Baby Shower Exploding Golf Balls

This enjoyable reveal golf ball set contains white golf balls with blue and pink color dots. One has pink powder for indicating baby girl and another one has blue powder for mentioning baby boy. Both the balls are marked with removable dots (pink & blue colors). You can get an idea from the images. A good news for you! On your request, we can provide the balls without stickers, so that the whole thing can be a wonderful surprise for you and your guest as well.

Provide perfect unique photo opportunity

These Gender Reveal Golf Balls are made of excellent quality hard materials. The product can provide the highest level of service to enjoy the party perfectly. You will receive this amazing exploding balls with a gorgeous FX Factory case. These are structural golf balls, which come into effect either by using a golf club or throwing them against a hard surface.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Budget-friendly

You will love these smart and prettily designed balls as a unique gender reveal idea for others as a gift! The great thing about the product is that you can save your money and time instead of comparing with other brands. We can give 100% satisfaction guarantee support without any hassle.

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