5L Premium Fog Smoke Fluid

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  • Ready-to-use premium quality smoke machine fluid for wow-factor effects & entertainment

  • Standard sized 5L bottle of fog machine fluid is long-lasting and cost-effective

  • Made in Europe, 100% safe ingredients, leaves minimal residue & dampness

  • The best smoke machine liquid with genuine MSDS safety datasheet available upon request.


Premium Fog Machine Fluid 5L - Smoke Machine Liquid - Fog Special Effect Fluid

Suitable for any machine. Medium or High Density (Thickness) Options. Guaranteed Money back results.

A show just isn't a show without fog machine effects. Those wow-factor jets of smoke make audiences gasp and really heighten the drama of an event. Use our smoke machine liquid at your charity fun-run, marathon, concert, rave or any special celebration. Use it to captivate and shock during tense moments in a theatre production, or to make people laugh during a magic show. The premium quality fluid ensures amazing, long-lasting effects that won't quickly disappear in a puff of smoke!

  • High-quality smoke machine fluid - Take your party, concert or event to the next level! This liquid creates a jaw-dropping fake fog effect that will ramp up the atmosphere in the room. Guaranteed premium quality and long-lasting fluid, great for adding a sense of drama to stage shows, charity fundraisers and more

  • Ready to use and easy-pour - Simply fill your fog machine to get the effect! Your guests will be wowed by the plumes of smoke billowing from your machine. Widely used at music concerts by bands and DJs, fog effects really heighten the experience for revellers

  • Ingredients are 100% safe - Our fog machine liquid contains no harmful ingredients, so is safe to be used around kids. It's made in Europe and complies with all safety standards. MSDS true safety data sheet available

  • Bulk-sized 5L bottles - Get the long-lasting, cost-effective party accessory you've been looking for! Our smoke machine bulk fluid gives lasting effects but is easy to clean up and leaves minimal residue on surfaces

  • Professional-grade fluid - We guarantee you won't be disappointed with the quality or the effects! Want to kick-start your party in a dramatic way? Want to give your audience a show to remember? Bag yourself this fog machine bulk fluid for the best special effects

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