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Hire a Snow Machine from a Reputable Company

If you want to experience the thrill of winter at any point in the year, you should hire a snow machine for your party. Whether you’ve always wanted to throw a white Christmas party, or you prefer the ambience of falling snow, the snow machine is the answer. Unfortunately, the Australian summer doesn’t allow for snow during Christmas, but you can create a winter wonderland by acquiring the necessary gear from FX Factory. We stock every product or piece of equipment you can imagine, transforming an ordinary event into a memorable one.

Benefits of a Snow Making Machine for Hire

Perhaps it’s the fact that winter brings out the warmth inside you that people opt for a snow-themed event. There are few things better than snuggling up with a hot chocolate on a cold day. You can evoke this response when you hire a snowmaking machine. These are the benefits you enjoy with artificial snow as opposed to the real deal.

  • Snow that comes through a machine is spotless and ideal for use in a public space. The device creates snow by spraying filtered water into a freezer chamber through a pump. When the droplets of water enter the freezing section, it crystallises to form what you know as artificial snow particles.
  • Your event will be the talk of the town when you have a snow machine since using filtered water results in a clean, shiny substance. These snowflakes are appealing with their pure white colour, which is far from reality. Consequently, it provides the perfect background for creating memories via pictures and videos, making your event a resounding success.
  • The machine produces snow that holds its shape for a long time, meaning there’s no rush to complete a photoshoot to capture the snow falling in real-time. You could adjust the moisture and temperature of the snow if you wanted to create elements such as snowmen.

What Sets FX Factory Apart Regarding a Snow Dropper

We stock a wide range of products that you require to host a successful and unique event. Instead of searching for items at various stores and locations, we are a one-stop-shop where you can tick off the majority of the products on your shopping list.

  • To accompany the snow machines, you require snow machine fluid. We have various high-quality, ready-to-use options that are completely safe and leave a minimal residue.
  • We stock a completely digital snow machine with remote control and the ability to create a blizzard effect. The Antari SW-250 allows you to control the timing and volume of the snowflakes.
  • If you require our equipment for a single event, you can hire them from us or if you need the snow machine permanently, we have various models for sale in our online store.

About FX Factory

We are a leading provider of innovative effects, event consumables and other related products. When you purchase from our online store, we’ll deliver your package to any location around Australia.

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