Safety Cable 35kg

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Quickly and easily connect/disconnect CO2 lines.
Shut-offs prevent leakage so no need to turn off main gas source for short periods.

A quick disconnect is handy for any place you want to be able to attach and detach your tubing quickly and easily.


Lighting & Special Effects 35kg Safety Cable

This European Made 35kg rated safety cable is an attachment is a must for safety mounting or rigging many of our machines, depending on use & application.

It is Australian law that any machinery item suspended or mounted from a truss grid, platform or overhead is safetly secured in two points. The safety cable takes charge over the 'back-up' or fail-safe role and these are a very well built and quality cable that will leave you in peace.

Safety Cables can be used on the below equipment
..and many more!

  • Mini Flow

  • Eshot Pro

  • CO2 Jet

  • Snow Machine

  • Lighting / LED Fixtures

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