1kg Star Confetti 55mm

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Colour: Light Blue
Material: Tissue Paper
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The unique size of this square tissue confetti makes it a standing feature when used, the small squares are plentiful and vibrant, great for scatters & atmospheric effects. When used alongside various machine configurations such as the mini flow it creates a very efficient confetti dispersion and rain effect due to it's small footprint.


1kg 55mm Star Confetti

Our star confetti in both star metallic & star tissue varieties comes packaged in great bulk 1kg bags perfect for distribution into smaller satchels or table scatters. Able to be also used in a range of confetti machines for that perfect cascading falling effect. We offer both tissue paper and metallic mylar materials in an assortment of colours.

Attributes of Star Confetti

The larger piece star confetti has a very interesting peculiarity. As unique star shapes they are a great effect for specific events and the larger piece size gives a great look when used throughout events. Available in both tissue & metallic options.

Aesthetically there is no comparison with the classic confetti as such, weighing much more, is practically a plummet.

As important safety features, it is a professional equipment as it is 100% fireproof and colorfast. This is something to keep in mind since not all market confetti meet fireproofing and accomplishing this is mandatory in any closed room. Keep in mind that without fireproof confetti there is a possibility of provoking a fire causing damage to people or facilities.

Applications of Star Confetti

Our star tissue confetti is great in use with blowers or confetti launcher machines or as scatters and wedding packs or invitations, the uses are unlimited! Along with venue decoration and themes of events. With a unique shape and texture they are great in bulk as scatters and decorations used throughout a venue.

The material being organised but loose in bags is recommended for the use of machines of continuous shooting as could be, for example, the confetti blaster machine.



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