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Rubber Air/Gas HoseRubber Air/Gas Hose
Oh!FX Tsunami Confetti Machine
Oh!FX Tornado
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Oh!FX 4 ClubOh!FX 4 Club
Oh!FX Oh!FX 4 Club
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CO2 Bottle Back Pack
Total Control Join Plate
Total Control Bracket Large Devices
Total Control 1 Channel Chrono Pusher
Powercon Splitter
Sirocco Confetti Volcano Head
Sirocco Foam Cascade Generator Head
Sirocco Snow Head
Sirocco Foam Cannon Head
Sirocco Confetti Blower Head
Sirocco Flight Case
Oh!FX Sirocco
From $4,217.14
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Water Hoses and Couplings Kit
Oh!FX FC-2 Foam Cannon
Oh!FX FG-1 Foam Generator
NEUTRIK Powercon Coupler

Use a Fog Machine for Hire in Sydney for Your Event

Staging an event requires a fair degree of creativity. When you’re in the planning phase, you must identify elements to add to the setup to elevate the event. There are several products and gear that you can use to assist in this quest, one of them being the introduction of smoke. Something is alluring about a dark setting with smoke settling in at floor level and slowly rising. To attain this effect, you require a fog machine hire in Sydney. FX Factory is a reputable party effects store that supplies various components for you to hire.

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