Gender Reveal European Holi Cannon 2pk

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Don't know the Gender of your upcoming reveal? Play it safe and get a dual pack with both colour options. Make that Gender Reveal that little bit more special with our unique Gender Reveal Holi Powder Handheld Cannons. These are a very unique way to celebrate a gender reveal being also completely biodegradable it is suitable for outdoor use and there is no clean up.


2x Gender Reveal Holi Powder Cannon

2 Cannons with One Blue Boy Satchel & Pink Girl Satchel

Handheld cannon to shoot your gender reveal colour of Holi powder. It works with a pressurized air cartridge inside which fires the Holi-Gulal content.

The cannon, 40 cm long, is of one single use and must be filled with Holi-Gulal powders before firing, supplied in a satchel.

Instructions: Fill the cannon with the content of 1 bag of Holi powder or with the similar amount from a powder bucket. Rotate the tube’s base clockwise while holding onto the superior part of the cannon with the other hand. Holi powder propulsion is immediate.

The package comes wrapped in paper so the colour satchel is not revealed. If you want it to be a surprise we suggest you get a friend to fill the cannons for you and unwrap the items. Due to leakage that can occur in shipping we do not pack the holi cannons before shipment.

What is in my gender holi powder cannon?

We offer two types of fillings giving a great variation for those who want something a bit different. For colours, we only offer the two types, even though we stock over 6 colours in Holi we know from our experience and orders these not only are the most popular, but look the best! Below are the options for your gender reveal confetti cannon you can select when ordering

  • Boy - Blue Holi Powder

  • Girl - Pink Holi Powder

Want to colour the sky for that perfect photo?

We recommend in this case to order 4 cannons, with 2 usually being suffice - the more the better we say and it can give a cascading effect with the gender reveal if you get your guests to fire their own confetti cannon one after each other to give you more confetti hang time.

Use alongside our Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons for that amazing photo moment!




Put your trust in the company that supplies Australia's biggest events, stylists, wedding planners and experimental agencies with their confetti requirements. Our gender reveal confetti cangons won't let you down!


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