Custom Handheld Confetti Cannon


Make your celebration, event or show exciting and memorable with customised confetti cannons. Explosions of large vibrant confetti circles, metallic red hearts, multicoloured streamers and more create a joyful shower of whichever you choose.

A specialist can help you through the customisation process to ensure you end up with the perfect cannons to compliment your event, and the custom packs contain even more confetti than the pre-filled options, so you literally get more bang for your buck!



Professional handheld confetti cannon 6m+

You tell us what you want in it!

We all look for that extra twist on our special days so that they’re memorable. To achieve this we need some cannon in our special events. The legendary handheld confetti cannons are made just for your perfection addition to a celebration. The confetti shooter is suitable for weddings, concerts, theme parties, business events, sports events etc.

Color is very important in your choice of event. The cannons are more like a confetti popper where you just twist from the base and then see the real magic. Variety of colours are available for different themes like Red and White tissue filling for weddings, Red Metallic hearts filling for Valentine’s Day and a variety of Multi-color rectangles streamers making it even easy to clean the mess after the magic. Furthermore, white and silver rectangular streamers are on the list of all the finest confetti cannon. They all consist of high ranges and are perfectly designed for all the events.

The confetti cannon will have the confetti shooter of your choice depending on the event. For a wedding we have specially designed the wedding confetti cannon, there is a gender reveal handheld confetti canon, there are cannons for themes like snow, parties of all kind and a lot of choices of streamer cannons to give you the ultimate experience.

You can find the custom handheld confetti cannon for DJ parties, birthday parties, wedding showers, baby showers, random family gatherings etc. any event which might need some extra flare for celebration.Ranges corresponding to more than 6m on any handheld confetti cannon will give that boost of excitement that you‘re looking for.

You are being provided with the best price, a renowned team, and the best user experience to make your event creative. We have provided service to one of the most prominent clubs, teams and organisations in the country.

Custom Packed to your specifications

With our custom confetti cannons, we can pack our handheld confetti cannons to suit your exact requirements, be it colours and/or shapes. Please define when ordering in the text field what you want in your cannons or feel free to contact us upon ordering and one of our friendly FX specialists can help your through the process.

Dispatch and availability of our custom confetti cannons can be same day from payment received as we can handle last minute and bulk orders.

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